About Terri

(In Jason's words)

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During the 17 years we've been together, I have learned that Terri is incredibly thoughtful, insightful, caring, compassionate, and talented in everything that she does. She is incredibly supportive and not just of myself but of everyone she cares about in her life. Every day she inspires me to try to be a better person than I was the day before, and she has brought a sense of generosity, patience, loyalty and love to my life that I have never experienced before, and that love only grows bigger every day.

When Emmeline was born, I literally went speechless and could not stop smiling. This little girl is the sunshine of my life. Every single day, even if she's cranky, she puts a smile on my face whether I want one or not. She is such an amazingly cool, funny, compassionate, and loving little girl. I am proud and honored to have the priveledge of being her father, and I tell her that every day. 

Over the last 17 years I have finally found what true love is. I have so much love built up from having my family that at times I almost feel I am bursting. I want to share that love I have for my family with another son or daughter, and hope we can welcome him/her/them through adoption. 

Terri loves to create! She is an artist, crafter, and musician at heart and knows the importance of making time to do what you love. She finds her zen when she's in her studio or workshop. She understands creativity as a language and a form of expression, and tries to instill that in her daughter. She is a "Jill of all trades"!

If the sun is shining, you can probably find Terri outdoors. She loves vegetable gardening, yardwork, and playing chase with Emme and Toby. Raining or cold outside? Check the studio or kitchen - you'll most likely find her creating something fun to decorate with or eat!

About Jason

(In Terri's words)

Jason is, in every way, resilient. He has taught me how to embrace life and challenge myself. And he helped me realize early on in our relationship how important it is to venture out of our comfort zones to experience all the beauty and life that exists around us. Jason has been my best friend for 17 years and it has been a privilege to watch him grow as a man, a husband, and a tender father. 

Anyone who knows Jason knows his sense of humor is wacky, fun and unexpected. They also know that he is kind and sincere. I fell in love with him while learning to compose and perform music with him. His creative spirit was on fire, and so was I! For over ten years we shared a language together that was powerful and compassionate. Even though we are not currently writing music together, we have learned to adapt that language into our marriage and in our parenting. It is a gift that we do not take for granted.


We can always find a fun project to do together, and it's even more fun now when we can include Emme. Whether we are building furniture and forts together or learning healthy cooking, there is always something fun to do as a family. And we can't wait to add another little one to this loving and adventurous little family of ours!

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If the weather is nice, Jason will be the first to suggest a family nature walk, bike ride, or backyard campfire. If the weather's not cooperating, that's no problem - he'll be scootering around the basement with Emme or introducing her to a favorite childhood movie. 

Jason is the chef of the family! If the house smells amazing, chances are he is in the kitchen stirring up some delicious for dinner. Recipe? What recipe?! He makes up his dishes as he goes!


About Emmeline

Emmeline has a heart of gold. She has a nurturing spirit and will try her best to make any of your boo-boos feel better. And she is fearless! No tree is too high to climb, no speed is too fast to bike, and no flip or flop is too difficult to try making from the top of the couch. She also has this uncanny knack for figuring out how to do things different than the norm. She thinks outside the box and we love that about her. 


We love her fire and her feisty personality - at only 5 years old she is making her way in this world and already creating her own legacy!

We are blessed beyond belief to have Emme in our lives. She is a gift and a miracle that brings joy to our hearts every minute of every day. And she cannot wait to be a big sister! As we pray together each night for the safety and care of "Baby Brother or Sister" wherever they may be, we also pray for solace, safety and inner peace for the pregnant mother (and father) making the difficult and loving decision of adoption.

Emme will make a wonderful big sister and a loyal best friend. There is no doubt about that ♥️

Emme is an athlete, through and through. She loves gymnastics, dancing and running, and is always challenging herself.  She always aims high for herself. She also LOVES to be tickled!

Favorite food: strawberries

Favorite color: the rainbow

Favorite book:  Bedtime for Frances

Best friends: Toby and Galen

At 5 years old Emme already has a sharp sense of humor and wit. She's an entertainer and can tell a fun ghost story like the best of them. She will make nearly anything into a stage, and just like her parents she can turn anything into a song.

We love watching her grow and seeing what talents are brewing inside her. We try our best to let her try as many new things as possible, so she can find her own path and so we can adapt and learn how to encourage her.

She also LOVES spending time with her grandparents and cousins!

About Toby

Toby came into our family as a puppy in 2012. He is a Boston Terrier and is now 8 years old. He is very much still our fur-baby, our little boy. He goes everywhere we go as a family.

Toby is the sweetest dog we have both ever known. He is SO patient, and incredibly gentle. He and Emme are best friends, although sometime he needs to retreat to his quiet spot just for some peace and tranquility! He is a grandpup to both Jason's and Terri's parents and is spoiled in all the right ways. He is loved by everyone, and loves everyone in return. 

Ball is Toby's best friend (aside from us) and they are inseparable; although ball has been replaced at least 100 times by now. A game of fetch with Toby and Ball can last for hours!

Toby is sweet and gentle with every child he has ever met. He has no problem with Emme playing with his food while he's eating (we trained him for that when he was a puppy). He will sit somewhat still for a nail polish manicure from her, too!

Toby's favorite spots are the bay windowsill at Grammie's house, in front of any warm fireplace, on our bed, or in his bed in front of our living room windows.

His favorite treats are Pupperoni and Doggie ShishKaBobs. Toby gets plain cooked chicken with his kibble at every meal. (yep... he's delightfully spoiled!)