A picture is worth a thousand words

We are a creative family and a project-oriented couple. We laugh, sing, dance, make messes, clean them up, and keep on playing. Every day brings something different and we are pros at adapting to challenges and change. Here are some snapshots to show you who we are and how we live. We can't wait to welcome another beautiful smile to our family, another set of pitter-pattering feet to run through our home, a new personality to discover and gently guide through life. And Emme cannot wait to welcome a brother or sister!

A recent family visit to Letchworth State Park, which is less than an hour's drive from where we live.

Moving into our current home in April 2020! It is absolutely perfect for us and has a great big yard.

Getting ready to take "Elsa" around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating in 2019.

Emme the Rainbow Witch, checking out all the candy loot she found in our in-home candy hunt this year (since tick or treating wasn't safe due to Covid).

Every day is exciting with Toby by our side.

Christmas Eve a few years ago, assembling 40 carboard bricks together for Emme (one of her Christmas presents to open the next morning).

On our way to celebrate the holidays with family in Florida. Emme's first plane ride!

Just the two of us, enjoying a day together in the Finger Lakes.

Enjoying a cuddle with our fur baby, Toby

Postive pandemic messages.

Emme showing her baby doll "sister" different cloud shapes.

Emme taking good care of our friends' beautiful daughter

Daddy-Daughter dance off!

Emme and her Nouna!

Our little ballerina

Recital time!

Terri and Emme taking a weekend trip to the public market

Wondergirl goals!

Jason teaching his little girl how to skate

Emme spending time with her Grammie and Opa

Wave jumping!

Emme having fun with her Grandma Carol, Grandpa Ralph, and Luna.

Emme's backyard frog friends

" This one's named Lilla, Momma!"

Sunshine and rainbows have nothing on this little bundle of happiness!