This is our story...

We met in 2002, started our relationship in 2003, and married in 2010. We have bonded tightly to one another through our love of each other, our family, our friends, humor, music, culture, and more projects than we can count. Every day brings something new to our lives and we embrace the rewards right along with the challenges.


We are best friends, creative counterparts, and loving partners. We're also human and make [MANY] mistakes - but we're always there to lift each other up, brush each other off, and move forward together. We've seen our share of difficulties, too, and have learned how to prepare for the hard work needed to get through them. From career struggles to infertility - and a LOT in between - we are pros at looking for the silver lining in difficult situations. But we also understand the importance of working through the grief, loss, and fear that come along for the ride. Understanding where we've been and acknowledging every step and misstep we have made along our journey helps us truly appreciate the life and family we have now. And it helps us be better parents, too. Just ask our 5 year old daughter, Emmeline! 

We learned we couldn't conceive children in 2014. We were heartbroken and confused. And yet, we already knew that it was a possibility. We had been open with each other from the start about our own medical histories, and even talked about adoption during our first dates together.


We were blessed beyond all imagination when we welcomed Emmeline into the world in 2015, through the help of Snowflake Embryo Adoption. Because of this amazing program and the incredible gift of love from another family, we were able to carry and give birth to Emme. It was an indescribable and beautiful experience for us as a couple and as a growing family. Although we do not share DNA, Emme is our daughter through and through. And she knows just how special she is because of her unique adoption story and the vast amount of people who love her!

We are now hoping to add another child to our family through infant adoption. If you are pregnant and searching for a family who will love and cherish your baby no matter what their race, gender, or background may be please reach out to us. We would love to talk with you!